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Simplified Smart TV Experience
with End-to-End Solution

A Smart TV OS built with an evolving and intuitive interface, bringing licensed apps,
official content, FAST channels, Voice and more, all in one place, delivering a seamless
and complete Smart TV experience.

Content Recommendation
Companion Remote App
App Store
Movie Box App
Live TV Channels
Universal Search
Voice Assistant
User Profiles

Content Discovery Simplified

A TV that discovers and recommends thousands of hours of global content
from trending movies, TV shows, sports, and more, curated all in one place.
Refreshes daily for an always-fresh TV experience.

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Recommended Apps

Prime Video


All the Apps. Licensed & Official

Built-in app store with certified and secured apps, ranging from 100+ OTT, music,
gaming, and other utility apps.

Live TV to FAST. All for Free

Seamlessly curated 100+ freemium channels across News, Sports, Entertainment, and more,
for instant updates and non-stop entertainment.

Personalised Entertainment
via User Profiles

A TV that recommends personalised content based on individual user preferences.


Search Made Easy with Cloud TV Voice

Play movies, open apps, control volume, and do much with Cloud TV voice.

“Open Taaza Khabar
on hotstar”

Control the TV from Phone

Search for content on the mobile app and play on TV via CloudCast.

Cast from
Control volume,
navigate keys

Free Movies, Today & Forever

A curated library of more than 10,000+ free movies, documentaries, and short films across genres
and 16 languages, all in a single app.

The Power of Universal Search

A TV that instantly searches for movies, tv shows, music videos, and more across applications
and plays from a single screen.

The Smarter Way to TV!


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