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See What Our Partners Have To Say!

We are excited about the possibilities in this partnership. This collaboration will unlock the strength of Republic Digital Channels and leverage Cloud TV Network's cloud-based infrastructure to deliver its content to a wider audience, ensuring seamless streaming across various platforms.

Mr. Tapan Sharma

EVP & Business Head of Digital at Republic Media Network

We're excited to team up with Cloud TV, a top Smart TV OS provider in India, to bring our FAST channels to their platform. This partnership marks a big step forward for both OTTera and Cloud TV as we join forces to offer more content options to their viewers. By smoothly blending our diverse channel selection into the Cloud TV ecosystem, we're making it easy for millions of users to enjoy a wide range of content, including news, sports, entertainment, and family shows. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to bringing quality content to audiences around the world.

Jordan Warkol

Vice President - Business Development, OTTera

Cloud TV's massive distribution channel & user-friendly interface have allowed us to deliver our diverse content to millions of its users effortlessly. With their content-first approach, we have been able to showcase our content on the TV homepage & successfully reach a wider audience. We are excited about the future possibilities the platform has to offer.

Vikas Khanchandani

CEO India, MENA & SEA at Distro Scale Inc.

Cloud TV has been instrumental in empowering us to deliver high-quality news content to millions of Connected TV viewers across India. With its immersive user interface, our channel is easily discoverable on the homepage, leading to a significant increase in viewership. We are excited about our association with Cloud TV and anticipate continued growth for news streaming.

Amit Sinha

President – Strategy & Research, India TV

We strongly believe in India’s Smart TV market growth and wish to expand our channel presence. Partnering with Cloud TV allowed us to seamlessly onboard with 150+ TV brands, a significant milestone in our mission to establish Q branded content channels as leaders in the Indian Smart TV market."

Krishna Menon

COO, The Q India

Cloud TV's reach, content-driven user interface, and seamless integration greatly contribute to connecting with and reaching out to millions of viewers in India. It provides them with the opportunity to access the Al Jazeera English channel and its in-depth news and award-winning content from across the globe. We are highly enthusiastic about our expanding partnership with Cloud TV and the numerous opportunities it presents.

Ramzan Alnoaimi

Acting Exe. Dir. of Global Brand and Comm., Al Jazeera Media Network


What is Cloud TV OS and how does it work?

Cloud TV OS is a certified operating system for Smart TVs and Set-Top Boxes. Our ecosystem comes with official OTT Apps, Free Live TV Channels, App Store, Content Recommendations and more functionalities tailored for an excellent television experience. We work with over 200 applications and content partners, ensuring their content reaches millions of Cloud TV users. Powering more than 125+ TV brands and 15+ OEMs CloudTV is the largest Indian OS made for India by India.

Do I need an additional development effort to onboard my application/channel on Cloud TV OS?

No additional development effort is required to onboard your app on Cloud TV OS. In most cases, any application that does not use Google services can work seamlessly on Cloud TV OS without any modifications or additional work.

How does Cloud TV OS benefit App/Channel owners?

Applications on Cloud TV OS can enjoy the following advantages:

  • Expanded Reach:By making your app available on Cloud TV OS, you can tap into a broader audience of smart TV users which in turn expands your app's reach and potential user base.

  • Enhanced User Experience:Cloud TV OS offers a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation, providing a positive and engaging experience for users. Implementation of search apis and other deeplinks can contribute to increased user satisfaction and retention, benefiting your app's performance and reputation.

  • Improved Searchability of Content:Cloud TV OS provides enhanced search and discovery capabilities, allowing users to easily find and access content on the Content Discovery Engine and via Cloud TV Voice. This can improve content visibility and engagement, leading to higher viewership.

  • Potential Revenue Opportunities:By expanding your app's availability on Cloud TV OS, you have the opportunity to generate additional revenue through advertising, subscriptions, or in-app purchases from a new user base.

How can I make my app available on the CloudTV App Store?

  • Develop and Package the App: Develop a Leanback Android app for TV using the appropriate programming language and framework. Once your app is ready, package it as an APK (Android Package) file.

  • Submit to Cloud TV: Write to us on contact@cloudwalker.tv to submit your app to the Cloud TV team for review and publication. Our team will get in touch with you to collect necessary details and assets for your app and will evaluate for compliance with our guidelines. Once approved, it will be made available for users to download and install on compatible Cloud TV devices via our App store.

Can I promote my content on the Homepage for more visibility?

Yes, you can promote your App/Content on Cloud TV’s homepage to improve reach and engagement. Once the app/channel has been Launched on Cloud TV, kindly get in touch with your designated partnerships manager to explore this opportunity further.

Does Cloud TV support monetisation options such as Ads, in-app purchases or subscriptions in my App?

Cloud TV supports all forms of business models, whether they may be Free, Ad-based, Free-mium or Subscription based. For further information kindly get in touch with contact@cloudtvos.com

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