Cloud TV OS now supports Hindi language for its Voice Assistant, even for TVs with 512MB RAM

Blog | Feb 27, 2024

In a significant stride towards inclusivity and accessibility, at Cloud TV, we have rolled out a revolutionary update by introducing voice assistant in Hindi. This feature caters to the linguistic diversity of India but also extends the convenience of voice assistant to millions of Cloud TV users.

This enhancement marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of television technology, where language barriers are abolished, and user interaction becomes more natural and effortless.

"With the rapid increase of smart devices and the growing trend of home automation, voice control has emerged as a preferred method for interacting with technology." By introducing Hindi voice command support, Cloud TV addresses the needs of millions of users who prefer to communicate in native languages. This move aligns with the vision of democratizing technology and making it accessible & approachable to everyone, regardless of their linguistic background.

Furthermore, what sets CloudTV OS apart is its compatibility with low-end hardware. Contrary to the common perception that advanced features require high-end hardware specifications, Cloud TV OS breaks the stereotype by making the voice command feature available even on TVs with as low as 512MB RAM. This optimization ensures that a wider demographic can enjoy the benefits of voice-controlled television without the need for expensive hardware devices. Manufacturers can produce cost-effective devices in the market as per industry standards.

In conclusion, the introduction of Hindi voice commands in Cloud TV OS heralds a new era of smart television experience, characterized by linguistic diversity, accessibility, and affordability. By embracing its majority users' linguistic preferences, Cloud TV OS reaffirms its commitment to innovation with a purpose, enriching the lives of millions of users across India.

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